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The Restaurant Zone offers Prix Fixe Lunch and Dinner Courses, which offer you a choice of selected appetizers, main dishes and desserts. Special moments are created for our guests through the careful and deliberate selection of the finest seasonal ingredients to bring out the essence of our French themed Japanese and Western dishes in a very friendly and attentive environment.


Lunch JPY4,700 / Dinner JPY6,000

Available from 11:30am to 3:00pm, 5:30pm to 9:00pm

Southern Tower Dining’s exclusive “Veggie Full Course,” featuring Tokyo-grown vegetables. It is a special course with only vegetables.
For the main dish, fresh vegetables are carefully selected by our head chef.

Amuse: Olive Leaf Pancake
Appetizer: Spring Vegetables Mosaic Salad
・【Lunch】 Soup with Seasonal Vegetables
・【Dinner】Seasonal Onion Fritters
Main Dish: Main plate of Spring vegetables carefully hand selected by our head chef and meticulously cooked to augment the flavors.
Dessert: Celery Sherbet
Vegetable Bread
Coffee or Tea


Composition  JPY3,800
Enjoy an appetizer, a main dish, and a dessert with the Standard Course.

Française  JPY4,800
Enjoy an appetizer, a Soup, Meat and Seafood Dishes, and a dessert.

Menu de Chef  JPY6,500
The Menu de Chef course is served with our chef’s recommended of an appetizer, a seafood dish, a meat dish, and a dessert. This is our most luxurious lunch course.


Composition  JPY6,500
The Composition course is served an appetizer, the pasta of the day, a choice of seafood dish or meat dish and a dessert.

Française  JPY10,000
The Française course is served an appetizer, the soup of the day, a seafood dish, a choice of meat dish and a dessert.

Menu de Chef  JPY14,000 【Advance Reservation is required.】
This is our Chef’s most highly recommended and our most luxurious course. Please enjoy seasonal dishes cooked with select ingredients.