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In Room Dining

We have a great option to expand your choice of meal from Southern Tower Dining. Whether you are on business, or if you are relaxing on vacation and do not feel like leaving your room, choose your favorite menu from lunch to dinner, and our Southern Tower Dining staff is ready to deliver right to your room.

Order Time  10:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Delivery Time  11:30 a.m. – 9:30 p.m.

Please give us about a half an hour to deliver your ordered food to your room.



for Two JPY7,000 / for One JPY3,800

Assorted Three Types of Appetizers
Teppan Grilled MIYAGI KESENNUMA Sword Fish with Ratatouille
Southern Tower’s Signature Rotisserie Chicken
Rich Tasting “Fuku Fuku” Eggs Bread Pudding
Bread, Coffee or Tea

Nibbles for Drinks

Spicy French Fries  JPY760
Assorted Three Appetizers  JPY1,300
Fish & Chips  JPY1,450
Italian Mozzarella Cheese and Colorful Tomato Caprese  JPY1,400
Assorted Fresh Ham and Iberico Pork Salami  JPY1,600 / Half Size  JPY900
MIYAGI MOMONOURA Oysters “Ajillo” with Baguette  JPY1,600
Scotland West Coast Salmon Carpaccio  JPY1,800 / Half Size ¥900
Assorted Three Cheeses  JPY1,600



Light Meals

Soup of the Day JPY900
TOKYO SALAD” and TOKYO TACHIKAWA “Koyama Farm” Vegetable Salad with Homemade Dressing Sauce  JPY1,400
Chef’s Recommended Spicy Curry  JPY1,500
Pasta Bolognese with Duck and Red Wine -made with 100% Hokkaido, Japan Wheat and Rich Tasting “Fuku-Fuku” Eggs- JPY1,600
American Clubhouse Sandwich with French Fries JPY1,600
MIYAGI MOMONOURA Oysters and Mushrooms Paella JPY1,700
KUMAMOTO Wagyu Beef Hamburger with French Fries  JPY2,900
Teppan Grilled Beef Rice Bowl  JPY1,900

Meat / Fish Dishes

Southern Tower’s Signature Rotisserie Whole Chicken  JPY2,500 / Half Size  JPY1,700
Grilled Irish Beef  200g  JPY2,800 / 300g  JPY3,900
Teppan Grilled Sirloin Beef flavored with Garlic  200g  JPY2,800
Teppan Grilled MIYAGI KESENNUMA Sword Fish with Ratatouille  JPY2,000

SWEETS and Afternoon Tea

Seasonal Tiramisu  JPY700
Seasonal Gâteau  JPY750
TOKYO HACHIOJI Passion Fruit flavored Chocolate Cake  JPY750
Rich Tasting Basque Cheese Cake flavored with Welsh Cheese  JPY800
Seasonal Afternoon Tea JPY4,000 (available between 11:30 to 17:00)


Bottled Champagne  JPY4,500 up
Bottled Sparkling Wine  JPY2,800 up
Bottled White Wine  JPY1,800 up
Bottled Red Wine  JPY1,800 up
Whisky  JPY1,000
Beer / Non-alcoholic Beer Taste Beverage  JPY500 each
Cocktail  JPY900
Coffee, Tea, Soft Drinks  JPY500 each