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À la carte Pickup Menu

The Cosmopolitan BAR Zone serves up unconventional cuisines on large dishes to augment the sense of the fun and playfulness our chef’s inspired original Homemade Pastas and Pizzas, Paellas, and Rotisseries menus are crafted to delight your taste buds.


JPY 2,500 up

The “LUNCH PLATE” is suitable for the New Normal.
Please enjoy seasonal dishes cooked with the finest ingredients, which our chef has traveled to different parts of Japan to select.
You have a choice for your main dish.

TOKYO SALAD Caeser Salad
Vegetable Soup
【Main Dishes】Please choose one from following dishes.
・Chef’s Choice Beef Tendon Curry   JPY2,500
・Handmade Fresh Pasta of the day   JPY2,500
・Roast Beef with Bread   JPY3,000
・Teppan Grilled White Fish   JPY3,000
・KUMAMOTO Wagyu Beef Hamburger ~with 100% Hokkaido, Japan Natural Yeast Wheat Buns~   JPY4,000
・Roast KUMAMOTO Wagyu Beef Rice Bowl   JPY4,000
Glass Dessert with Probiotic



“TOKYO SALAD” and TOKYO TACHIKAWA “Koyama Farm” Vegetable Salad with Homemade Dressing Sauce  JPY1,420
Chef’s Recommended Spicy Beef Tendon Curry  JPY1,650
Handmade Fresh Pasta -made with 100% Hokkaido, Japan Wheat and Rich Tasting Fuku-Fuku Eggs- JPY1,950
Assorted Five Cheeses   JPY2,350
Soy Patty Cutlet and Avocado Sandwich  JPY2,450
Galician Pork, Chicken and Seafood Paella (for Two or Three)  JPY2,800
KUMAMOTO Wagyu Beef Hamburger -with 100% Hokkaido, Japan Natural Yeast Wheat Buns-  JPY2,950


JPY4,000 up

OPERE is one plate Dinner with our selected ingredients, suitable for the New Nomal.
You have a choice of Main Dish.

Assorted Three Types of Appetizers
Soup of the day

Please choose one from following dishes.
・Chef’s recommended Meat dish of the day   JPY4,000
・Teppan Grilled White Fish   JPY4,000
・Grilled MIYAGI ONAGAWA Scallops   JPY5,300
・KUMAMOTO Wagyu Beef Hamburger   JPY5,500
・Roast KUMAMOTO Wagyu Beef Rice Bowl   JPY5,500
・Teppan Grilled KUMAMOTO Wagyu Beef   JPY5,800

Petit Dessert
Bread, Coffee or Tea

with Three Drinks   JPY2,000
Cooked Saffron Rice with MIYAGI ONAGAWA Scallops and Mushrooms   JPY1,500
Rich Tasting Basque Cheese Cake flavored with Welsh Cheese and Vanilla Ice Cream   JPY1,400






Enjoy assorted savory finger foods with a glass of Sparkling Wine. Choose your favorite as a second drink.

Welsh Cheddar Cheese Canapé
Marinated Scotland West Coast Salmon from the “Scottish Salmon Company”
Rotisserie Meat Slider
Marinated Olives
Tart with KUMAMOTO Wagyu Beef Stew
Mini Curry Bread
Pumpkin Espuma

Please enjoy Recommended Main Dish and Dessert with an additional charge of JPY1,250 for each to the price above.
・Teppan Grilled Sirloin Beef
・Teppan Grilled White Fish From TOYOSU Market
・Assorted three types of Desserts