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Hors-d’oeuvre de TOKYO SALAD  JPY1,400
American Clubhouse Sandwich  JPY1,600
KUMAMOTO Wagyu Beef Hamburger -with 100% Hokkaido, Japan Natural Yeast Wheat Buns-  JPY2,900
Pasta Bolognese with Duck and Red Wine -made with 100% Hokkaido, Japan Wheat and Rich Tasting “Fuku-Fuku” Eggs- JPY1,200
Chef’s Recommended Spicy Curry  JPY1,200
Spicy Fried Chicken with Rice  JPY1,400
Teppan Grilled Steak Rice Bowl  JPY1,900
Grilled White Fish from TOYOSU Market with Ratatouille  120g  JPY2,500
Teppan Grilled Sirloin Beef flavored with Garlic  200g  JPY2,800  / 100g  JPY1,700
Breads  JPY350
Rice (200g)   JPY350
Miso Soup  JPY150